Beginners Weightlifting Routine

If you are looking for a beginners  weightlifting  routine or advice on how to get started then this article can help. Yes it is important that you know how many times a week to workout, what exercises to do, how much rest you will need and or course how to do the exercises properly. It is equally important to understand some theory behind why we do what we do so you can get in the right mind set. This will help you continue with your workouts on a regular basis. This article outlines 4 basic areas you need to consider when starting a weight lifting routine.

1. Commitment – you have to make a commitment to yourself so you will stick with your plan. If you are just starting out then shoot for lifting weights three times per week. You can work up to 4 to 5 times per week once you have some experience under your belt. You should stay with working out three times per week at least for three to four months. It will take your muscles at least that long to accommodate to the new stresses you are placing on them.

2. Nutrition – Don’t discount the importance of nutrition. If you want to achieve success in the weight room then you have to change your eating habits. There is no way around this. Sound nutrition is a staple in building strength and quality muscle. There is a lot to consider with a nutritional plan but the basics involve eating 5 to 6 times a day. You need a well rounded balance of carbs, proteins and fats. Eliminate junk food and stick with the good stuff.

3. Stretching – you’ll here differing opinions about stretching. Whether you should do it or not or for how long. Should you do it before, during or after your workout? Many opinions about this. Personally I like to stretch during my workouts. I will stretch the muscle group I am working out immediately after I complete my sets. This helps keep my muscle fibers elongated and prevents excessive shortening (at least I feel like it does). Helping to keep your muscles at their proper resting length will help them perform better and more efficiently in the gym.

4. Drugs & Supplements – I do not recommend that you use supplement or drugs of any kind when performing a beginners  weightlifting  routine. As mentioned above you need to build a solid base of muscle and strength when just starting out. If you start taking supplements or steroids then you are giving yourself a false sense of security. Build your body on your own merit in the beginning. Relying on supplements or synthetic products to build muscle will only cause you problems in the long run.


Source by Peter Harris


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