Basic Guide To Eating Paleo Foods

Looking for a Paleo meal plan? There are many wonderful foods you can eat on a Paleo plan. Here the basics of the diet and the foods on the Paleo menu you should be eating.

The Paleo Diet

As you probably know this diet is a natural food diet that goes way back to the diet of our ancient ancestors even before the start of agriculture. The diet has its roots therefore in the Paleolithic Era of our planet. Here’s what you can eat and enjoy on the Paleo meal plan:


Feel free to eat any vegetable you Ike except for starchy vegetables such as potatoes, yams, and sweet potatoes. You can eat potatoes from time to time but they need to be restricted as much as possible or just eliminated completely. Sea vegetables like seaweed are also fine for your Paleo menu.


Limit your fruit intake and don’t consume dried fruit products. You can still eat fruit buy just limit your quantities. Berries, apples, oranges, and other fruit are all perfectly fine as long as you don’t overdo your consumption of them

Meat and Eggs


Eat as much meat as you want and eggs are fine too. Stick to grass-fed products as much as possible. This reduces the preservatives and additives in the meat. Eat natural meat products not those that are pre-packaged. Avoid processed meat as this can be toxic to your body. Pork, beef, game, chicken, fish, turkey, and other meat products are all fine on the diet. When you eat fish, avoid smaller fish as they can have higher levels of mercury.

Seeds and Nuts

All these products are great along with the butters associated with them. Avoid peanuts as they are a legume and not a nut and should be avoided along with peanut butter on your Paleo meal plan. Watch consumption of nuts and seeds as they are high and calories. A couple of ounces of nuts are fine each day and these foods make great energizing snacks.


On this diet fat is your friend. On the Paleo meal plan tallow, lard, coconut milk, walnut oil, olive oil, and other oils are all fine on the diet. Avoid refined, vegetable oils, and hydrogenated oils and stick to natural oils. Watch your consumption because oils are high in calories.

Paleo Menu Plan: Foods to Avoid:

Reduce consumption of alcohol, coffee, dried fruits, chocolate, teas, and foods such as maple syrup. Avoid dairy foods like yogurt, milk, butter, ice cream and other dairy products. Some Paleo dieters do eat dairy foods so it’s all up to you. If you have dairy make sure it’s in the raw form.

All grains should be avoided such as millet, rice, wheat, barely, corn, and foods made with these products. Avoid all legumes such as black beans, peas, pinto beans, kidney beans, green beans and other foods from the legume family. Other foods to avoid on your Paleo diet plan are all processed foods and those that contain refined sugar such as candy or sweets.

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