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Why Bad Trainers are Worse for your Health than being FAT



So, there I was.  At the gym.

What do I observe?

Some dude doing seated military presses.  Kind of a fail right there.  I mean, seated exercises are pretty stupid, especially when you consider the sitting just takes your abs out of the equation.  Also, a fail when you think about how bad that’s got to be for your spine.

But that’s not the end.  He’s doing said exercises in a Smith Machine.

A smith machine?  What the heck?  It’s a worthless machine.  I guess some people are super scared about the load they’re doing, that it’d fall on them without a spotter.  But the thing is, forget about getting squooshed.  The weight bar slides on a rail in a smith machine.  Almost all stabilization is done by the machine.  And that stabilization is done in a straight vertical line, not in the body’s preferred path.

The body doesn't work in a straight line
The body doesn’t work in a straight line

So, basically, a worthless exercise; one that should’ve been done standing up.

Wait, is there a kicker?  Yes, there is.  The perpetrator was the gym’s personal trainer.

First we work out muscles individually, and then we waste time working out stabilizers.
First we work out muscles individually, and then we waste time working out stabilizers.

Oh boy.

So, there you go, his jobs are to make scary machines seem like something you can only do through him, to be young and fit – as if he has a secret formula besides that for being in shape, and to provide an excuse as to why the gym wasted its money on a smith machine.  Knowing what to do, so as to make your trip to the gym worthwhile?  not so much.

Thank You @ & Andrea Morabito for the amazing interview @AEtv *Link In the Bio for full article http://nypost.com/2015/12/29/i-gained-almost-70-pounds-for-television/ Thirty-five-year-old Adonis Hill already knew what it was like to be overweight — three years ago, the 6-foot-1 Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, resident weighed 310 pounds, and it was his own weight-loss journey that inspired him to become a personal trainer. While he was more confident in his ability to lose the weight the second time around, he did fear old negative feelings coming back. “When I was overweight, there were a lot of things I was fighting, like depression,” Hill tells The Post. “Another big fear was getting my man-boobs back.” …… (Click link in bio for full interview) YOUR TURN! YOU GOT THE JUICE NOW NyPost THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT FAMILY! Please set your DVRs 2/2/16 …. A photo posted by Adonis “No Excuses” Hill (@bodybyadonis) on Dec 29, 2015 at 7:10am PST


@alissabethkane People ask me .. What’s your style of training? I say Its simple…. I do high volumes of COMPASSION. Being compassionate involves understanding the suffering of another without feeling sorrow or pity. When there are these emotions, compassion has turned into personal unhappiness and only adds to suffering. Feeling the emotional pain of another doesn’t relieve their suffering. In actuality it adds to the collective field of unconsciousness creating suffering. If someone is suffering from hunger then it is more appropriate to provide nourishing food. If they are thirsty, provide them something to drink. If someone is in emotional pain bring your love and unconditional acceptance. It would not help people for the caretakers to go hungry and thirsty also. Although this is often the approach people take with their empathy or sympathy when people are without love and acceptance. When caretakers have emotional reaction of sadness or sorrow they nourish no one. A compassionate person brings the nourishment of love and acceptance to the situation that is starving for those emotions until someone can feed themselves. Sometimes the best action you can take to help relieve emotional suffering of another is being present with your attention on the person – www.pathwaytohappiness.com FITtoFATtoFIT Now this is what I call ❤️ HeartHealth AdonisMovesAmerica {— if you find the workouts helpful please show your love my donating to my go fund ……. My walk across America to get people moving 💢LINK IN BIO💢 www.gofundme.com/AdonisMovesAmerica A photo posted by Adonis “No Excuses” Hill (@bodybyadonis) on Feb 5, 2016 at 4:14pm PST


Whatever your answer, Adonis Hill – a personal trainer from New York State – has you beat. For the 35-year old decided that the best way to help his latest client was to pile on the pounds, so they could lose their considerable combined weight together.


Adonis, who had previously resembled his Greek namesake, gained almost 70 pounds (just over four stone) in a matter of months in his bid to kick 22 stone schoolteacher Alissa Kane into weight loss action.


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instructors are trained and know what people should eat and drink when it comes to burning fat, building muscle, sleeping well, boosting energy and increasing strength. The good news is that the experts keep similar foods out of their kitchens and bodies, so the list is not miles long. Also none of them said they don’t ever drink alcohol (whew!). But the bad news is that most items on the “black list” are delicious.


Bill Ross, NASM Certified Master Trainer, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and founder of Bill Ross Fit, says he believes a proper diet needs to consist of a balance of real food, and not rely on supplements. “Real food means fresh vegetables, fruits and lean sources of protein,” he adds. “Balance means not overeating of any one food group.”


Other trainers’ diet philosophy mainly has to do with portion control and moderation. Vicki Tri from Fit w/ Vic in Oklahoma City says you can’t deny your body the nutrients it craves. “The more wholesome foods you feed it, the less it will need to be satisfied,” she adds.


People should follow the 80/10/10 rule, according to David Crump, athletic coach, personal trainer, and founder of DC-Training in Orlando, FL. “80 percent of the foods someone eats should be energy-dense, non-processed or “whole” foods and the other 20 percent should accommodate a mix of less than optimal foods (10 percent) and the occasional treat (10 percent).”


People often turn to personal trainers when they need a little help losing weight. Professionals create a workout program combined with a meal plan for every day. But do they practice what they preach?





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