Are There Too Many Diets For Weight Loss That Don’t Work?

If you’ve been looking at  diets   for   weight   loss , you’ve probably seen a gazillion different plans. Each one has some different emphasis. Some work well, others only a little bit, and still others don’t at all. Here’s what to look for in an effective  diet  program and what to avoid.

Detox  Diets  aren’t  for   Weight   Loss 

One  diet  style has nothing to do with  weight   loss . Detox  diets  are for clearing your system of toxins and that’s all. By and large, there’s nothing wrong with them, they’re just not right  for   weight   loss .

The Food Pyramid is a Classic Myth

The problem with the food pyramid is that it’s based on the “four food groups” model. Recent developments have proven that this model isn’t as healthy as we all thought, and it’s certainly not good  for   weight   loss . This system needs some serious revising.

The big problem with the food pyramid is that it emphasizes grains (including wheat), includes dairy as a necessary part of your  diet , and de-emphasizes the meat group. If wheat was removed from the grain/cereal group and got lumped in with sugars, and dairy got the same de-emphasis as fats and sugars, it would be a vast improvement. The grain group itself should be brought down a notch and meat should be about on par with fruits and vegetables.

Most Vegetarian  Diets  Aren’t Balanced

Most vegetarian  diets  aren’t considered balanced, and can often be counterproductive to  weight   loss . A good rule of thumb is that if you need to take supplements, it’s not a healthy  diet . Apart from that, vegetarianism would be fine  for   weight   loss , except for one common feature of the  diet .

Soy protein is the most frequently used substitute for meat. Make no mistake, soy is bad across the board, whether it’s soy burger, tofu, edamame or however you consume it. Most of the time, it comes with an inordinate amount of salt, which keeps water  weight  on. The thing about water weight is that you have to lose it before you can burn fat.


Additionally, soy has the precursors for estrogen in it. This may seem perfectly fine on the surface. What isn’t common knowledge about estrogen is that it sets your metabolism to keep fat on. Ever wonder why women don’t lose fat as quickly as men? This is why.

Now for a  Diet  that Works

From the information presented earlier, there are some conclusions that can be drawn for a  diet  that works. Eat more meat and veggies, and cut most of your grains and all your dairy, right? Well, there is one more step. With every part of your  diet , you should go organic. The reason is that conventional food usually has additives that can undermine your  weight   loss  goals.

Source by Isabel De Los Rios


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