Adjustable Dumbbells Are Ideal For a Home Gym Workout

If you are new to working out or don’t have much workout space at home, you might want to consider adjustable dumbbells. These dumbbells allow you to perform a variety of exercises without the need for several dumbbell sets. Here’s how these adjustable weights can help you:

Save Money and Space

The first thing adjustable dumbbells are going to do is save you money. You won’t need various sets of weights lying around your home gym. You might want to start out with a couple of light adjustable dumbbells that allow you to add more plates later, if you’re on a budget. A pair of adjustable dumbbells takes up the minimum of space – great if you live in a small apartment.

Add or Lower Weight as You Need It

Some adjustable dumbbells have a dial system that allows you to adjust the weight settings. These are usually more expensive than solid dumbbell sets. You can turn the dials to adjust the weights for more resistance as you get stronger. Other types have a slider mechanism that adjusts the weight.

You Won’t Outgrow Adjustable Weights

With solid dumbbells you quickly outgrow that weight and it becomes a weight you just don’t use any more. When you have adjustable dumbbells you’ll never outgrow them because you can add weight as you need it. You can change the resistance to suit your physical fitness level.


Adjustable dumbbells are great to own and they have an advantage over solid dumbbells. You’ll save money and you will have more room to work out in. Consider adjustable dumbbells or dumbbell sets – otherwise stick to regular iron plates which are a lot cheaper.

What dumbbell exercises can one perform?

There are a number of dumbbell exercises you can do with free weights or dumbbells. These exercise will help you tone your muscles and you can us light weights or heavy weights it all depends upon your preferences and what you want to do with them. Here are some basic exercises with dumbbells you should try.

Shoulder Press

This is a basic exercise that everyone should do. Stand up and place two dumbbells close to your shoulders with your palms facing forward. Next raise the dumbbells until your elbows almost lock above your head and bring the weight back down again. Do several repetitions of 8-12.

Seated Press

This is the same should press as the standing one except you can use a chair to support your back. Raise the dumbbells over your head until the elbows almost lock and then back down again. You can have someone help you if the weight begins to get heavy.

Lateral Raise

Hold a dumbbell in each hand in front of the hips with your palms facing each other. Next you want to raise the dumbbells to your sides until the arms are almost parallel to the ground and then lower them back down again and repeat. Try to keep your arms as straight as possible when doing this exercise.

Upright Row

Stand up and place one dumbbell in each hand and place them in front of your thighs. Raise both arms until they are almost parallel to the ground and then lower the weight back down again. Don’t jerk your back as you raise the dumbbells; just do the movement slowly.

Bench Press

Lie on a bench and hold two dumbbells at chest level with your palms facing your feet. Raise the weights up until the elbows are almost locked and then lower them back down and rest for a couple of seconds before doing the exercise again. Make sure you breathe in and out slowly as you lift the weight up. This is one of the best dumbbell exercises you can do and great for building strength. You can also use a bar if you want for this one and heavier weights.

Can you do a full-body home-gym workout with dumbbells only?

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