A Vegetarian Diet Can Aide in Weight Loss


Not long ago, a well-known star made the headlines when he made an environmental plea for everyone to adopt a vegetarian  diet . He was not even advocating a total abstinence from meat – just one day a week. Many of the newspapers that covered the story were unkind. They laughed and called him an old hippy who didn’t know what he was talking about.

With very few exceptions, the media completely failed to take his suggestion seriously and look at the facts. Had they done so, they would have discovered that people give up meat eating for very good reasons. Why not give vegetarians a chance and listen to their point of view for a change?

You might wonder what giving up meat has to do with the environment. There are whole books devoted to facts about the meat processing industry. One of the points made is that raising beef is a terribly inefficient use of arable land. The same amount of land that it takes to satisfy America’s voracious appetite for meat could be put to far better use producing soy products, for instance.

There are direct health risks involved with the processing of beef. Workers in these industries suffer from a variety of illnesses directly related to their industry and the risks spread to the nearby communities, as well. You can look up the medical data on this or you can quickly find out for yourself by visiting one of these places. If you have never smelled a meat processing plant before, be forewarned. You’re likely to get sick to your stomach before you even pass through the gates.

If you do manage to get inside and see what beef processing involves, you literally may end up having nightmares. There is nothing remotely humane about the mass slaughter of these animals. OK, technically this is not an environmental concern, but it is certainly an ethical one. Those pretty packages of beef you see on the supermarket shelf won’t look the same to you after you have seen how they were made to get that way. You won’t be laughing about a vegetarian diet any more, that’s for sure!

Bear in mind that the cattle industry wants you to buy their product and will tell you anything to get you to buy it. They will tell you that you need the protein. Yes, you do need a certain amount of protein in your diet, but not that much protein and not that kind of protein. While a strong argument can be made for an occasional serving of meat, so many consume far too much and it is a proven contributor to innumerable diseases.

Ask anyone who has given a vegetarian diet a chance and most of them will tell you that they are happier for it. Many never eat meat again. Almost no one who has been a vegetarian ever goes back to eating large amounts of meat. No matter what the meat industry tries to tell us to the contrary, a vegetarian diet is a healthy diet.


Something that a lot of people overlook is the fact that all of the major religions advocate abstaining from meat, at least periodically. This includes the Catholic Church, Judaism and the Muslim faith. While these religions do not advocate total abstinence, both Hinduism and Buddhism do advocate a strictly vegetarian diet. The only “religion” that advocates meat eating is the cattle industry!

Source by Ben Pate


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