A Vegan Diet – How to Explain ‘Vegan’ To Friends and Family


Whenever people ask about the vegan lifestyle is all about, I’ve found that it helps to be consistent with 3 specific talking points. If the talking points are brief and simple, it makes the information easy for people to listen to and absorb.

It’s also important to clearly communicate the tangible benefits people will experience when they go vegan. Make it easy for those listening to find plenty of answers for the question,”What’s in it for me?”

Since many people ask me, “How do I get enough vegan protein,” it helps to always include that answer in talking point number 1.

Talking Point 1: Vegan eating increases overall health.

Since vegans don’t consume any animal derived food, vegan foods are naturally cholesterol free. It’s nice to have the peace of mind knowing that you completely avoid any health problems that can arise from elevated cholesterol levels.

In spite of the misinformation that surrounds getting protein, getting enough protein is no problem if you eat a wide variety of plant-based foods. That’s right, vegetables! “Where do vegans get calcium?” Answer: leafy greens are a healthy source of calcium.

Talking Point 2: Vegans leave a light eco-footprint.

Explain that animal product production is harsher on the environment than most people realize. Animal product production is linked to accelerating global warming.

Eating vegan food allows people to experience the joy of minimizing their eco-footprint, knowing that eating vegan food automatically makes vegans part of the solution.

Talking Point 3: The vegan lifestyle is a compassionate lifestyle.

Many people go vegan for this very reason: their dollar is their vote against the mis-treatment of animals. Factory farms have scary production methods for the animals. And vegans are aware that animals sense danger and feel pain.

Vegans decide that they don’t want to eat an animal that died a cruel death. While you are explaining what ‘vegan’ means, it’s important to be clear about how it is benefiting the person who decides to be vegan.


So in talking point number three, be sure to mention that the benefit of vegan food is that it’s cruelty-free food. This makes the eating experience more enjoyable.

Source by Jay Wesley Anderson


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