A Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss


A raw food  diet  is a unique style of eating and it is becoming increasingly popular in connection with  weight   loss . A raw food  diet  consists of eating only raw organic foods which have not been cooked or processed, the exception being foods which may be heated to a maximum of 46 °C (115 °F).

The main aim for this style of eating is the almost exclusive consumption of un-cooked food for the majority of the time. There are differences and variations in these  diets  available. Some of them encourage a strict  vegan   diet , which means not eating any animal meat or products. Others employ a little more flexibility by encouraging a vegetarian approach which permits the consumption of animal products such as eggs, milk and cheese but not animal meat. Other than  vegan  or vegetarian  diets , there are also omnivorous  diets , which allow the addition of animal foods to the raw food  diet .

The main reason for following these plans is that by eating raw food-stuff we are getting the full benefits of all the important nutrients and enzymes present which are often destroyed when cooked or heated above specific temperatures. Although losing  weight  on these type of  weight   loss  plans tends to lean mainly towards  vegan  or vegetarian raw foods, success can also be achieved using meat-based food.

By combining the correct ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates, especially in its natural raw form, it is possible to achieve maximum  weight   loss  benefits.

Obviously for health and safety reasons eating raw meat is not advisable. Most uncooked food  diets  containing meat are not strictly raw, they tend to have perhaps 80% raw ingredients such fruit, vegetables and certain grain products which can be eaten uncooked and 20% cooked meat, fish and dairy products.

When following an uncooked food  diet  we will be eating mainly whole natural foods, and if we eat organically produced foods it will help eliminate pesticides. We will also not be subjected to all the chemicals and various additives which are present in cooked and processed foods.

Uncooked food  diets  aid  weight   loss  because they normally consist of high levels of alkaline foods. Foods which are alkaline include leafy green vegetables, broccoli, sprouts, herbs and fruit. A  diet  which is rich in alkaline foods benefits our body because it suppresses the appetite and helps to stabilise blood sugar levels. Peaks in blood sugar are usually associated with cravings and the urge to over eat as well as being responsible for a decline of energy throughout the day causing highs and lows as a result.

Embarking on these  diets  requires a certain amount of pre-planning for both shopping, meal planning and preparation. Certain special equipment such as food processors may also be required but most raw food enthusiasts maintain that it is well worth the extra effort and expense. An uncooked food  diet  and lifestyle can help to maintain vitality and high energy levels which are often lacking in other traditional  diets .


Of course the amount of  weight   loss  on a raw food  diets  will have varied results from one person to another as we all have different metabolisms as well as other issues which may affect results, but in the majority of cases a raw food  diet  can help us shed those unwanted pounds quickly and safely without jeopardising our health and wellbeing.

Source by Dave Townley


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