A Boxers Best Abdominal Exercises


Boxers know that the best abdominal exercises are the ones that make their stomach muscles burn. To compete at the professional level boxers know that their abdominal section is the weakest part of their bodies.

So in order to strengthen their abdominal muscles they participate in exercises that make their abs hard as a rock to withstand the body punches that comes with the sport.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is so strongly associated with boxing that many consider it to be a major body toner. But more athletes from all sports are beginning to recognize that fat burning properties of jumping rope.

Jumping rope burns calories and tightens abdominal muscles as they skip and jump to tighten flabby midsections. Jumping rope also creates flexibility and coordination that enable boxers to slip punches and move quickly in competition.

Heavy Bag Punching

Punching a heavy bag can create another fat burning exercise that will jar the midsection and tighten abdominal muscles. With someone holding a heavy bag while you punch it with all your might will create muscle and strength. Boxing has for years used heavy bags to build strong athletic bodies with tight and strong Abs.


Medicine Ball workout

The one boxing equipment designed especially for the abdominal muscles is the medicine ball. Nothing can work the abs more than a good solid medicine ball being slammed into your midsection. I personally remember the days of coming into the gym to get into shape and feeling the nauseating feeling after having the medicine ball slammed into my belly.

This workout is not for the faint at heart. The medicine ball weights around 8 pounds and can be slammed or dropped into your midsection while you are doing leg lifts to further strengthen the abs.


Getting into the ring and sparring is another great way to build a solid six pack. Nothing hurts worst than an upper cut to the body thrown while boxing. Sparring in the ring creates body resistance strength training as well as coordination and timing.

Taking a punch in the gut can drop one to his knees if your stomach isn’t hard and ready.

These exercises can do more to train your midsection and make your abs rock hard than any other workout possible. This is the reason jumping rope; Heavy bag punching, medicine ball workout and sparring are boxer’s best abdominal exercises.

Source by Terrence Silver


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