7 Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women


Weight lifting is a useful addition to a well planning workout routine for its ability to build muscle, help lose fat, and lower stress levels. It is believed that only about 1/5 of females engage in strength training exercises for the recommended two or three times per week. Here are seven reasons why it helps to start weight lifting today:

1 – Burn more calories

Weight lifting makes it possible to burn calories at a faster rate. A reason for this is the increased energy used to repair muscle fibers after a total-body workout. Plus, the metabolism is increased for longer after a workout, and this is helpful for speeding up the body’s ability to burn calories.

2 – Diet plan

Getting active and following a three-hour weekly exercise routine makes it easier for the brain to stick to a calorie controlled diet. A proper combination of exercise and diet increases the likelihood of achieving the desired weight loss goals.

3 – Handle stress

Those that engage in regular exercise like strength training are more able to stay cool in difficult and stressful situations. The ability to stay cool relates to the better blood pressure levels and lower levels of stress hormones. Plus, this activity is appreciated for its ability to improve the mood and lower the risks of feeling angry.

4 – Heart healthy

A total-body workout that is completed two or three times per week has the potential to improve the diastolic blood pressure. A benefit of this is the ability to lower the risk of suffering from a stroke or heart attack in the future.

5 – Increased fat loss


Using a combination of cardio exercise and strength training makes it possible to lose nearly 40% more fat compared to cardio only. By working on the all-round workout that includes weight lifting it is a lot easier to burn pure fat and not fat and muscle. It helps to keep the hard-earned muscle to improve the body shape and definition.

6 – Live longer

A well-rounded exercise program that includes weight lifting has the ability to give total body strength and this is useful for lowering the risk of serious health complaints like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

7 – Strong bones

Increasing the amount of resistance training has the potential to raise the blood levels of osteocalcin and improve hip bone density. A benefit of this is the ability to lower the risk of suffering a bone fracture in later life when the bone density naturally starts to decrease.

Source by Leo Eigenberg


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