4 Tips for Jump Rope Workout Exercises


There’s a reason some of the best boxers and most conditioned athletes in the world perform jump  rope   workout  exercises on a daily basis: it works!


As simple as it sounds to jump over a  rope  that you’re twirling yourself, here are some tips you can use to enhance your  workout :

  1. Don’t jump too high off the ground. One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to soar as high as they can on every jump. This is counterproductive and will tire you out quickly. You should be on the balls of your feet, twirling the rope quickly, while only getting an inch or two off the ground.
  2. Vary your rope speed. Just like with any exercise, if you jump rope for the same amount of time and with the same rope speed day after day, you’re body will soon adjust and your results will plateau. To avoid this, constantly mix up the speed and duration of your jump  rope   workout .
  3. Try some fancy footwork. Once you feel as though you have a pretty good handle on the basic two-feet-at-a-time style, try some other jump rope exercises: “boxing step” (which involves bouncing on one foot for a few passes of the rope and then swapping feet and bouncing on the other for a few more), or “double unders” (where you pass the rope two times under your feet in a single jump).
  4. Work out at your own pace. If you can only jump rope for ten passes and then need to take a break, then that’s what you should start off by doing. I promise you, in time you will be able to do far more than that. But, for now, don’t push yourself to the point of absolute exhaustion.

Jump  rope   workout  exercises are a fun way to burn some serious calories. You don’t have to be Floyd Mayweather, Jr. with the rope to get the job done, so just be yourself and jump start your way to a fitter self.

Source by Brandon Johnsonn


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