3 Core Exercises You Can Do With a Swiss Exercise Ball


Core workouts are a great way to increase your strength and balance. The swiss ball is a great tool to use for core exercises. Here are 3 core exercises you can do with the swiss ball.

The swiss ball can be extremely challenging for those looking to increase your balance. One of the hardest core exercises is to balance on top of the ball. You basically take your hands and place them on the ball. Slowly place your knees on the ball with your feet still on the floor. Then, slowly let your feet begin to come off of the floor until you are balanced on the ball with your feet and hands on the ball. This took me quite a few tries before I was able to do this. (It actually took me about a week of trying everyday!). Once you have that down, then, you can begin to practice balancing with your body upright, and your hands placed out in a cross position. Hold this for as long as you can!

OK, so, that was a really super hard core exercise. Here are a couple of easier ones to begin with. You will want to incorporate the swiss ball into any of your core workout routines. It’s a great tool for core workouts.

The second core exercise is called a ‘hip up’. You lay on the floor with your feet up on the ball. Place your hands to your sides with your palms facing the floor. You press your hips up tightening your buttocks. You can hold this for a couple of seconds and then lower you hips back to the ground. You may do this for time as in an isometric contraction. Or, you can do it using repetitions. So, for instance, do 20 hip up presses.

The third core workout on the swiss ball is called a jack knife. I love this one! It does take a bit of balance, but, once you’ve got it down, you should love it too. Standing, and looking at the ball, you lie down on the ball with your stomach towards the ball. You roll yourself out so that your hands are on the ground and your knees are on the ball. Then, pressing your hips up into the air, you roll the ball underneath you squeezing your knees in towards your stomach. This works the entire abdomen area or the core muscles. Then, release your knees back down. This is an exercise that is done with repetitions. So, do at least 20 of them.


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