3 Beneficial Side Effects Of A Raw Food Diet


Here is the definition of a raw food diet or a diet called a “living diet;” one that is completely comprised of only organically grown raw fruits, vegetables, and sprouts, nuts, seeds, whole grains and sea vegetables.

What is the basic premise of this diet? The fact that before fire was ever discovered, these were the only foods known to man, and that fire and the heat used in cooking, “kills” food and most of the nutrients and enzymes. Man also did not kill and devour the flesh of animals. It is a diet that is going back to the beginning; before cooking, before preservatives, additives, chemicals and poisons began invading food.

When the biggest question arises from objectors of this diet, “what about protein?” the answer given is that our requirements for protein have been over-inflated. The World Health Organization (WHO) claims we only need 5% of total calorie intake in the form of protein and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) bumps that up a bit to 6.5%. The fruits and vegetables consumed in a living diet more than adequately meet that requirement.

What are the benefits? According to Raw Foodists, many!

  • Digestion. Raw foods are digested quickly and easily. The body does not have to work so hard with complicated digestions that need to break down foods into sugars and amino acids, because they are readily available. Side effect: You will feel better with more energy.
  • Appearance. Raw foodists claim that after a few weeks of a living diet you see noticeable improvements in skin discolorations, puffiness, varicose veins, broken blood vessels and excess weight and cellulite improvement after the diet becomes a way of life. Side effect: You will be happier.
  • Mental Clarity. Proponents of the living and raw foods diet say that this long time diet change will improve memory and concentration. Side effect: You will be smarter.

And this is just three of the benefits of a raw food diet. There are many more, if you decide that eating raw food is for you. It makes logical sense that our bodies are still in the “stone age” in terms of evolution. So doesn’t it also make sense that our diets should still be in sync with how our bodies are evolving? Of course it does and that, coupled with argument of the above benefits, is why you should make the decision to change your diet and change your life.


Source by Jim E Brady


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