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Happy New Year Awesomeness and Discovering the Fifth Element (Boost Testosterone levels)

So, this is it.  It’s 2014 and we’re all stoked.  I think we all need New Year’s Resolutions to be Awesome.

In the new year…

Some people get fit…whatever that means. Get bigger muscles, boost testosterone levels.

Others want to want to lose weight…whatever that means.

Well, we all sort of know what it means, we plan to be more “active” and lose some fat.  April and May are around the corner and some of you would like to take your shirts off in public.

Boost Testosterone levels
some people don’t wait for summer…or for looking good.

First off, you need to figure out what you want.

Just kidding, you are not a precious snowflake, I know exactly what you want.

And I’ll tell you what it is you want:

1.  Reduced belly fat and by reduce belly fat, we mean put your diet in check.

2.  increased muscles, particular around the chest and arms

3.  the ability to be athletic, or to at least walk up a flight of stairs without hyperventilating.


In building the five-stage human machine, I believe I created the program that will give you what you want.  It’s all related and your first steps are very important.

The first thing has always been to realize you need to build real strength and then how to make your muscle size improve.  The other was to make you a high speed beast.  Finally, you should fix your diet.  All things that my ebook will explain.

But what if there’s more?

What if all this time,  no matter what you did or ate, you still couldn’t lose the fat?

And boom, there’s goes the dynamite because there’s more to your body image than just lifting and eating right.

The fifth element…the fifth stage, really, of the Five Stage Human Machine is hormones.

We’ve said all along that your body is not a blind battery, storing fat based on a simple mathematical formula.  The body decides when and where to store fat or to build muscle based on its evolutionary dictates.  Thus, some guys can eat whatever and not put on a pound.  Other people can exercise forever and barely see results.  These extreme outcomes are caused by an uncaring body.  It doesn’t see the need for nice pecs, big arms, or show-off abs.

We know that insulin is a hormone and it’s released by eating certain foods.  Insulin directly leads to fat storage and so smart people will manipulate this hormone by avoiding high glycemic foods that spike your insulin levels.

But what else?

There are two more hormones that will likely be affecting you.

One is testosterone, for the guys out there.  The other is your thyroid gland’s hormonal secretions.  Another bonus hormone is cortisol.

As we touched on earlier, sleep is your best weight loss tool.  One reason this is so is because it reduces your cortisol level.  Cortisol is, to put it simply, your body’s reaction to stress.  Under stress, you start storing fat.  Relax and lose weight.  Easy enough, no?  Just tell that to the wife, kids, mortgage, and bills.  And late night TV.  But, hey, you relax, you manipulate your cortisol.

But let’s get to the big two:  thyroid/testosterone.

Testosterone is important for many obvious reasons.  It helps you build muscle, stay active, stay fit, and young.  The thing is, we all know that your testosterone production goes down as you get older.   Another thing about testosterone is that your T levels (the amount of testosterone you have) may be medically ok, but simply inadequate.

And yes, there’s sex.  If you like sex, more testosterone is better.  You do like sex, don’t you?

this image also lowers your cortsiol and boosts testosterone.
this image also lowers your cortisol and boosts testosterone.

And shockingly, it turns out that some of the things that lower your T-levels are girly diets that the crazy diet industry has foisted on the USA while testosterone boosting diets and exercises are the typically manly things that polite society has been trying to prevent men from doing.  Go figure, the same industries and politicians that are making you fat with half-assed diet advice are also turning you into soft girly-men.

Next, think of your thyroid levels.  These control your body’s metabolism.  The more you have, the more calories you burn, the less fat you hold onto and so on.

And guess what, having too little thyroid hormones (known as hypothyroidism) can lead to lower testosterone.

Your T-level and thyroid level can be manipulated to help you lose weight.

We’ll touch more on these hormones throughout the new year.  But my advice to you is to get these things tested.  Because knowing is half the battle.  The other half of the battle is then fixing those deficient hormones.


Your first step is to visit your doctor and get a hormone panel.  Be sure to ask for them to test your T-levels and to check that thyroid.  At this point, just knowing the basics is enough, testosterone good, more thyroid hormone good.  Sleep good. Stress bad.  got it?

Of course, this is the Internet we’re talking about and you don’t have to go to a doctor to be tested…you can find a reputable online testing service that will get you your results for a few dollars.

When you get your results, know that for your T-levels, higher is better.  If you are under 500, panic and find a doctor that will help you raise that number.  There is no reason to accept age related T-level decline.  That is, the doctor will have a chart with acceptable ranges.  And of course, there are ways to interpret your results, like what is the difference between free testosterone and your total testosterone. These ranges may be acceptable for some but they will probably be unacceptable for awesome new year resolutions.


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