1000 Calorie Diet Plans – Different Types


Not all 1000 calorie  diet   plans  are the same. Some of them are low fat, low carbs and then there are those that are nothing but fad  diets . But do do you know which  diet  to go on and which one will help you lose weight the healthy way? Have a look at these different types of 1000 calorie a day  diets  and decide for yourself:

1000 Calorie Vegetarian meal plan

With a 1000 calorie vegetarian  diet  it is very easy to restrict the calories, as fruit and vegetables are very low in calories. It is also one of the 1000 calorie  diets  that gives you a nutrient and vitamin boost, thanks to all the fresh fruit and veggies. When you go on such a  diet , it is important that you still get a source of fat free protein in.

Healthy low calorie meal plans

Healthy 1000 calorie  diets  are balanced and includes foods from all the different foods groups. While other unhealthy  diets  can have foods from only one or limited food groups. A healthy low calorie  diet’s  food are prepared the healthy way, to keep healthy foods healthy.

Fad 1000 calorie  diets 


You should try to stay far away from fad  diets . They contains food groups from only one or very limited food groups. They are also low in nutrients and vitamins and may hold in horrible side effects.

1000 calorie low carb meal plans

The 1000 calorie low carb  diet , is just what the name says, a low calorie  diet  that is low in carbs. These  diets  may leave you feeling tired, as carbs are what supply the body with energy.When you go on such a  diet , it is best to do lighter exercise as usual.

1000 calorie low fat meal plans

On a 1000 calorie low fat  diet , you will consume a  diet  that is low in fat – even healthy fats like omega 3 and 6. While this  diet  can do little harm in the short term, it is best not to stay too long on such a  diet .

1000 calorie high protein meal plans

Most of the foods that are consumed on a high protein  diet  is protein. This is again one of those  diets  that you shouldn’t be on for too long.

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