10 Permanent Weight Loss Tips


Do you need to lose weight? Have you lost weight only to put it back on again (and then some!)? I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, but give you 10 permanent  weight   loss  tips, I have gathered from a lifetime of personal experience in this field.

Tip 1: Start to-day: Start Now!

Ever figured that you would start losing weight tomorrow, next week, after the holidays or after the weekend ? The only perfect day is to-day – right now!

Tip 2: Achieve Permanent  Weight   Loss  For You!

There is only one person that you can do this for and that is for you. Do it because you want to. Do it because you deserve it!


Tip 3: Set Goals

Do you feel like you have a “mountain” of weight to lose? Set yourself a goal and then break it down into smaller targets – maybe 7lbs at a time. Slow, steady  weight   loss  is the healthiest and most effective way to achieve permanent  weight   loss .

Tip 4: Treat Yourself!

To help you to stay motivated, reward yourself as you reach your goals. Maybe treat yourself to your favorite perfume, a manicure or a trip to the movies – non food related treats please!

Tip 5: New Lifestyle – No Diets Allowed.

Permanent  weight   loss  can most effectively be achieved with a permanent attitude. Diets encourage short term thinking. Decide to change your lifestyle to-day. You can make small changes as you go, but make sure each change will help you achieve your goals.

Tip 6: Exercise – Get Moving!

We all know that exercise is good for our health and for  weight   loss  but sometimes it is hard to get up and move! You can dance like a lunatic in your living room, walk the dog regularly, jump about on a trampoline – have fun with it!

Tip 7: Never be Hungry!

Listen to your body and find out when you need to eat to make sure that you are never hungry. Stop grazing and listen to your body and find your rhythm. Hunger is our greatest temptation and keeping it at bay will help us continue to make healthy choices.

Tip 8: Think About Why You Eat

We need to eat to nourish and fuel our bodies. Ideally the foods we eat should taste, smell and look appetizing. If you are eating because you feel like you are a failure or you feel like life is too good and you don’t deserve, stop it now. Think about all the positives in your life and stop punishing yourself with food.

Tip 9: Drink Water

Our bodies often confuse the signals of dehydration in our body for hunger and eat when we actually our bodies need water. Drink water throughout the day. Carry a bottle in your bag, keep it on your desk at work, keep some in the car, jazz it up with a squeeze of lemon – do whatever you need to do, but drink it!

Tip 10: Measure your Achievements

Your weight fluctuates during the month, week and even over the course of the day. If you want to weigh yourself, make sure it is at the same time of the day and on the same day of the week. Don’t be tempted to jump on the scales every day as it will be demoralising.

Measuring inch loss can often be a more accurate way of measuring your progress especially if you are exercising. If you measure your body (arms, thighs, waist and hips for example), record your measurements and then measure again in a month’s time you will see your progress in inches!

I hope that the permanent  weight   loss  tips above will help you reach and maintain your permanent  weight   loss  goals.

Source by Maria Avon


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