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This is why you’re fat – you’ve been told to avoid fats

People drink low fat milk to avoid the fat and excess calories of milk.  Which is cute.  The whole low fat fad was cute. What better way is there to turn nature’s perfect drink into soda?  Basically turning it in … Continue reading This is why you’re fat – you’ve been told to avoid fats

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Intermittent Fasting Journey…What if this stuff works?

Even in designing a workout routine and diet that will give people the athletic performance and looks they want, I’ve always thought there was a limit to fat loss.  Sometimes, the best a person can hope for is that they … Continue reading Intermittent Fasting Journey…What if this stuff works?

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The American Heart Associations War on Valentine’s Day!

So, let’s just get down to brass tacks and say it, the American Heart Association is The World’s Greatest Terror Organization. They’re on track to kill millions and ruin the lives of anyone who falls under their influence.  And it’s … Continue reading The American Heart Associations War on Valentine’s Day!

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Oprah’s War on Science, Celebrities (or, in reality, feed cancer by being vegan)

So, in researching the pernicious quackery that led to the death of MCA, where he was led to follow his saliva cancer surgery with this crap: In October 2009, Yauch sent an email update to Beastie Boys’ official fan list, … Continue reading Oprah’s War on Science, Celebrities (or, in reality, feed cancer by being vegan)

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Another important question to ask for the putative exerciser…

I identified the most important question you can ask yourself when working out, which was “what do you want?” But in walking around various gyms, I also figure that there’s a good runner up to that question.  Ask yourself, “what … Continue reading Another important question to ask for the putative exerciser…

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The Most Important Exercise Question You Can Be Asked (and why the answer is irrelevant)

People wander into and out of gyms and #exercise regimes without any idea of what they’re doing or why.  You see it, you’ve done it.  You walk into a gym and figure, I guess I will do a few reps … Continue reading The Most Important Exercise Question You Can Be Asked (and why the answer is irrelevant)

The worst thing I’ve ever eaten.

Taking charge of your diet is an important part of weight loss…or better yet, preventing excess fat deposits from being added to your body in the first place.  Unfortunately, the people who sell you food aren’t your friends.  In fact, we’ve seen that the people who regulate your food aren’t your friends either.  So who is your friend?  Well, you are.  And me.  But mostly you.  Be your own buddy every time you get ready to eat.  Make it good. Now, good doesn’t mean boringly bland.  I like pizza and I like chinese food.  I tend to make these for … Continue reading The worst thing I’ve ever eaten.

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New York City Mayor Elevates Witchcraft Into Gospel Truth

Not to get political on you, and this isn’t political.  It’s about bad science and bad laws commingling into a policy that ignores scientific advances in diet and health based on old wives’ tales about what is and is not healthy. From … Continue reading New York City Mayor Elevates Witchcraft Into Gospel Truth

Weightlifting Tips For the First-Timer

One look at any fitness magazine and you cannot help but let out a heavy sigh. You ask yourself, “When will I ever get to have a body like this?” Then you dismiss the thought and tell yourself that you should not be wasting your time wondering about an impossible dream such as this. But the truth is, achieving a well-sculpted body is not entirely an impossible dream. You can achieve it with the proper  weightlifting  program and a few tricks up your sleeve. If you have never tried this before but you are convinced to go for it, here … Continue reading Weightlifting Tips For the First-Timer

Experienced Weight Lifting Exercises

Have you ever felt that you have been training for a long time without any considerable muscle gain, that you have hit a plateau? Read on and you’ll understand what is lacking in your weightlifting exercises. It is time to upgrade your program to experienced weightlifting exercises which focus on developing each and every part of a muscle group. To successfully follow experienced weightlifting exercises, you need to have a well balanced physique and strong muscles. The workout schedule that follows is meant only for experienced weightlifters. Experienced weightlifting exercises are split into a morning schedule and afternoon schedule. You … Continue reading Experienced Weight Lifting Exercises

Weightlifting and Your Joints

The joints in the human body are used constantly throughout the day and you want to keep them healthy as possible. There are rumours that suggest weightlifting can be bad for your joints due to the stress that is put through them. Hopefully this article will dispel some of the myths and give you a guide on how to correctly weightlift so not to cause short or long-term injuries. Good or Bad? Those who weightlift correctly have better joints than those who do not. Using the joint during exercise can be beneficial and help you improve your overall joint care. … Continue reading Weightlifting and Your Joints

Weightlifting And Testosterone Beyond 30

If you’ve done any research into getting back in shape or hung around the gym for long, you’ll already know that testosterone is a very powerful hormone our body produces, and that it’s one of the major factors in building big muscles. But for aging athletes or those trying to get back in shape after 30, you need to know more about testosterone…  Weightlifting  And Testosterone  Weightlifting  and testosterone relate directly to each other in two ways. First, the higher your testosterone levels the easier and faster you can build muscle through your workouts. Yes, you still have to work … Continue reading Weightlifting And Testosterone Beyond 30

Importance of Weightlifting And Diet

Your weight lifting and diet are both extremely important aspects of your training. In order to build a great physique you should pay close attention to both. Weight lifting will only give you 50% of the results you are looking for. Your diet will roughly make up the remaining 50% of your results assuming sleep and recovery times are all taken care of. So many people neglect their diet when looking to build muscle and get in great shape. This is a big mistake and will slow your progress and results down. People often say that the easy part is … Continue reading Importance of Weightlifting And Diet

Beginners Weightlifting Routine

If you are looking for a beginners  weightlifting  routine or advice on how to get started then this article can help. Yes it is important that you know how many times a week to workout, what exercises to do, how much rest you will need and or course how to do the exercises properly. It is equally important to understand some theory behind why we do what we do so you can get in the right mind set. This will help you continue with your workouts on a regular basis. This article outlines 4 basic areas you need to consider … Continue reading Beginners Weightlifting Routine

Free Weightlifting Routines

Why pay for anything you can design yourself? Many people are talking about free  weightlifting  routines as opposed to the exercises you pay to teach. The latter case is usually encountered when you join a certain training program which is carried on for a specific period of time. Such a building plan usually includes not just the workout after all valuable advice about what you should know about nutrition, over-prepping and plenty of other tips for defined safety and goal achievement. Free  weightlifting  routines are again and again found online, on sites that talk about body building as such. How … Continue reading Free Weightlifting Routines

Weightlifting Shoes

When a person starts at a gym, the first things that they want to buy are the shoes. Unfortunately, when they do decide on a pair of shoes they pick it because of its looks and not its functionality or effectiveness. This is a big mistake as different exercises need different shoes to be worn for them. For example, running shoes should be worn while running. This is because of the fact that when we run, there are certain injuries caused because of repetitive use. And running shoes are especially made with gel or air cells on the base to … Continue reading Weightlifting Shoes

Weightlifting Tips Specifically For Football Players

As a former Collegiate and NFL player, I can attribute much of my success on the field to countless hours I spent in the weight room each week. This article, along with 10 others are going to give a glimpse to each young and aspiring professional football player the type of lifting and conditioning that is needed to be a GREAT player. Much of the information that I will share was taught to me by a number of excellent strength and conditioning coaches, I feel it my responsibility to share this information to help each young player to take their … Continue reading Weightlifting Tips Specifically For Football Players

Weightlifting for Overall Health

Whether your 8 or 80, weightlifting can be used to improve your overall health. While at one time it was thought that children should avoid lifting weight as exercise because it can cause damage to their maturing bones, and that seniors are just too weak and frail to weight lift. Both of these ideas have proven unfounded. Weightlifting when done correctly can help anyone get and keep fit. There has been very little evidence of bone growth plate damage in children who weight train properly, and seniors well into their 80’s and 90’s have shown to actually reduce some of … Continue reading Weightlifting for Overall Health

Weightlifting and You Part 2

So now you know the basics in  weightlifting  and some key foundation principles to consider when seeking to putting a program together. So whats next? Now it’s time to get your workout routine together. You want to create your program with your target muscles in mind. These muscle areas would be your chest, back, legs, arms and shoulders. Now if you’re not sure as to what  weightlifting  exercises to do for each muscle, you can always connect with a personal trainer. Other resources are fitness magazines with workouts broken down that may resemble the target goals you yourself are shooting … Continue reading Weightlifting and You Part 2

Why Weightlifting Shoes?

In the many years that I have being going to the gym, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have seen lifters working out in proper  weightlifting  shoes. It seems that while other athletes will wear specialty shoes for whatever sport they participate in, most weightlifters do not consider the benefits that proper shoes can make to their performance and strength. Your bed’s mattress is for sleeping, not squatting. But when you squat in sneakers it is as if you are performing the lift while standing on your bed. The shock absorption provided by sneakers … Continue reading Why Weightlifting Shoes?

Weightlifting Workouts + Muscle Building Foods = Results

Most guys are already aware that if they want to get bigger and bulk up you need to do more than just your weightlifting workouts. You need to eat and you need to eat more, a LOT more. You need to have that calorie surplus for the energy to lift and also to build more muscle. But most of these guys probably also feel the pain of having to eat more not just in the body but also in the wallet. It can be quite expensive having to eat a lot more to have that calorie surplus. So if you’re … Continue reading Weightlifting Workouts + Muscle Building Foods = Results

Weight Loss For Beginners

The first step for  weight   loss  success is to get a clear definition of what  weight   loss  means to you. Does this mean losing 8 kilos in 12 weeks? Does this mean looking toned when you look in the mirror? Get specific about what you actually want to achieve. It’s important to have an endpoint in mind before you begin so you know exactly what you will gain and so you will be motivated to take action. Create an exciting outcome and picture yourself full of energy and vitality after having shed the excess weight. The next most important step … Continue reading Weight Loss For Beginners

Easy Weight Loss – 4 Powerful Tips to Lose Weight Successfully

 Weight   loss  – It’s often strange that you may find the process of losing your  weight  both easy and difficult at the same time. Especially, if you want it to happen really fast. Easy  weight   loss  becomes difficult if it’s the first time you are trying to lose  weight  and you don’t have a clue about where to begin. But, at the same time, it will be easy if you have someone with you who have some experience regarding  weight   loss  or something that can help you with it. But, to be frank, it is a fact that it’s costly … Continue reading Easy Weight Loss – 4 Powerful Tips to Lose Weight Successfully

5 Potent Weight Loss Supplements

Any  weight   loss  program can be enhanced by the right nutritional supplements. Some help you burn fat while others speed metabolism. Here are five  weight   loss  supplements that can enhance your body’s fat burning and  weight   loss  abilities. Green tea has been used by many to help their body’s cleanse excess weight. This is because studies have shown for years that regular consumption of green tea helps dieters lose more abdominal fat. Now studies show that not only that, but dieters lose more weight and more fat over their entire bodies. Modern scientific studies have narrowed it down to a … Continue reading 5 Potent Weight Loss Supplements

4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight loss seems to elude many dieters. But why is this so? Is it possible that all of us are lacking will power? Usually, not. One problem may be that you are sabotaging yourself without even knowing it. Here are some weight loss mistakes that many dieters make. Eat the right kind of salad. Often, clients would come to me with the problem of their weight loss plan not working. As we went over their daily food intake, salad was big on the list. Unfortunately, we had two different ideas of salad. Just because the name of a dish includes … Continue reading 4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes